The HT-300 Hymnal Plus is the ultimate worship music solutionWhether you have trouble finding good, reliable organists (or other musicians), have no instrument or simply want good music available for outreach, the Hymnal Plus is the solution.

As well as churches, the Hymnal Plus is widely used by Schools and Colleges, Chaplaincies in the Armed Forces, Prisons and Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Retreat Centres, Christian Holiday Centres, Cruise Liners, Crematoriums and private individuals – all of whom find the Hymnal Plus provides their complete worship music needs.

As well as providing a complete worship music solution, the Hymnal Plus can also be used to fill in when the regular musician(s) can't make it. Use it for weddings, funerals and outreach. It's ready to play any time, anywhere.

Thousands of Tunes

The HT-300 Hymnal Plus takes music accompaniment for worship to a whole new level. Straight out of the box the HT-300 plays thousands of traditional hymns and modern worship songs, plus music for weddings and funerals. The standard UK repertoire includes over 2880 recordings, covering over 7300 hymn book entries.

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Easy to Use

All the great features of the the HT-300 would be worth nothing if it couldn't be used by the average non-musical person. The HT-300's backlit LCD touch screen guides the user through the simple process of selecting a tune and then playing it. Whether changing the speed (tempo) and number of verses, adding an introduction, altering the pitch (key) - it's all laid out in the same clear, straightforward fashion.

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Hear the Difference

The HT-300 utilises a unique high quality soundset, custom-voiced specifically for church use. Professional musicians have crafted the palette of over 200 sounds into 244 preset musical styles.

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