HT-300 Hymnal Plus - Full Brochure (PDF) The full HT-300 colour brochure, as sent out in our information pack
HT-300 Instrument Midi Bank Patch List (PDF) If using a midi sequencing software package to create your own midi files for use in the HT-300, you will need this list in order to select the desired sounds for each track in a midi file. A Cakewalk Instrument Definition file with this information is available for download here
HT-300 Hymnal Plus User Manual (PDF) Download the user manual and see just how easy the HT-300 is to use. Many customers have told us how easy the manual is to follow. Not many electronics manufacturers could make that claim!
HT-300 Hymnal Plus Master Index (PDF) Standard UK A-Z Master Index book. The HT-300 Hymnal Plus has thousands of tunes built-in, providing immediate access to a wealth of music
Hymnal Plus Price List (PDF) Download the UK Price list 
HT-300 instrument definition file (Cakewalk File) The HT-300 instrument definition file contains the midi banks, patches and controller assignments for the unit. Many midi sequencing software packages can import this definition file, making it easier to select the sounds for each track in a midi file destined for use in the HT-300.

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