As part of our ongoing product development program, we are constantly recording new material and compiling indexes to other popular hymn books. Wherever you are, please let us know which hymn books you would like to see made available for the HT-300 Hymnal Plus.

A list of all currently available hymn book indexes for the HT-300 UK is shown to the right (or below if you are viewing this on a phone). Please do not request any of these!

To suggest hymn books, enter one hymn book at a time into the form below, clicking the submit button after each one.

Repeat this procedure for each hymn book you would like to suggest.

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HT-300 UK Book Indexes

Currently available hymn book indexes
Included with the HT-300UK
Ancient & Modern New Standard
BBC Songs of Praise
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone
Common Praise
Hymns and Psalms
Hymns Old & New, New Century
Mission Praise (Combined)
New English Hymnal
Rejoice and Sing
Songs of Fellowship 1
Addington Service (Shephard)
CCLI UK Top 25
Church Hymnary 4
Common Ground
Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New
Complete Mission Praise (1144 hymns)
Complete Mission Praise 25th Anniversary (1250 hymns)
Gathering Mass (Inwood)
Greater World
Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise
Junior Praise (Combined)
Mass of Creation (Haugen)
Mass of New Wine (Ogden)
Mass of St Thomas (Thorne)
Mass of the Bread of Life (Rizza)
Merbecke Holy Communion
New English Mass (Appleford)
Redemption Hymnal
Salisbury Setting (Hubbard/Cocking)
Seventh-day Adventist Hymn Collection 1
Singing The Faith
Songs of Fellowship 2
SNU Hymn Book
SNU "Small" Book
St Annes Mass (McMillan)
The Parish Psalter (included with the Psalm Player option)